Running Shoe Diaries

Being apart from Natalie is always hard.  As often as it happens it never does get “easy”.  However, the problem with now, is that we are in the middle of our 90dayreboot, and without my guidance and pestering I fear her enthusiasm may wane.  So, this evening I address my post to her:

My Dearest Natalie,

It has been mere hours since we saw each other last, and already I feel the void.  I hope the stinging pain I left in your arms can keep me in your thoughts as the days pass.  With each step of tomorrow’s RUN TO THE GYM, I hope you think of me.  If you so desire, drive to the half way point to compensate for the added stress of pushing our girls in their stroller.  However, once you have arrived, spend 5 minutes on the stairs to compensate for the shorter distance.

With me gone, I anticipate a lack of enthusiasm and endurance for a lengthy stay at place we spend so much time together, and I can only assume my absence will be just too much to bear, with this in mind, tomorrow will be a TABATA day:

For your first 4 minute set we will focus on your abs and core, to help gird you up and support you in this, your time of abandonment.  Begin with a 20 second swiss ball plank, engaging your arms, abs, glutes and hamstrings to support you in a straight line.  Move your arms in a circle on the ball if you are able.  Next, move to mountain climbers, on the floor in push up position, or on the swiss ball if you are feeling able.  I would whole heartedly recommend doing both of these exercises next to the cable cross machine, because the next two rounds are trunk rotations find a weight that doesn’t tax you severely, then add a plate or two.  Remember good form and to turn from the waist and not over use your arms.  Repeat these 4 exercises twice for your total of 4 minutes, now, go and drink some water, because in only 60 seconds you’ll move to legs.

We’ll start with squats, practicing the movement of getting up and down, to ensure you have the strength to get out of bed each morning with me not there.  With those complete, we’ll move to lunge thrusts, remembering this is both a stretch and a resistance, so if the step isn’t big enough, you’re not being as effective as you ought be.  To move to your 3rd round you’ll want a little space, because it is to run in place with high knees. This exercise is effective as cardio and to ensure the strength to run back to me.  Then round out the 4th to side lunges, remember,  good form conquers all.  Repeating these 4 exercises rounds out your 2nd round, now go drink some water.

Head to the pull-up machine, which will hopefully not remind you too much of me.  Starting with a good weight do Pull-ups. Transition to dips, adjusting the weight to 2 plates heavier.  Move to the floor do push-ups.  Then burpees, you haven’t done burpees before, so, you’ll need to youtube those for form.  Repeating this rounds out rep 3 (don’t forget to adjust the counter weight back for pull ups)

I am slightly concerned about ending with arms and shoulders, with those being still sore.  However,  using light resistance bands as opposed to weights you will be able to adjust the intensity and be far more effective on recovering muscles.  These will be a basic variation of what we recently did, but in a tabata format.  Bicep curls, shoulder press, overhead triceps extension, Arnold press repeated makes this 20 minutes and you should be done.

I miss you so badly, my love, I pray this leaves you crippled and whimpering so that you can think of me as you ache.

Yours Truly,



2 Responses to “Running Shoe Diaries”

  1. Wow, Natalie, if you ever need a friend to hide Kirks body, I’m right there for you…

  2. Oh, C’mon Meg! It was funny! She ASKED me to give her a workout!

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