17 hours later – Why hasn’t this “train” thing caught on?

So, it wasn’t all bad.  But, I’m 6’3″ and they had not thought of that when they designed the “super luxurious” legroom.  But the food was good, the company was pleasant and I arrived here with my motorcycle in tact.

The “problem”:  I had to “check in” 2.5 hours early.  So I had to be there at 130pm yesterday.  I didn’t get my bike for 30 minutes after we arrived (which for the record is on the FAST end) and the travel time was 17 hours.  So if you add the 3 hours of terminal time, it was a 20 hour endeavor for a 14 hour road trip.

Sure, I got to sleep and eat, but still haven’t decided how “worth it” it was.  Other than that, I had some bananas, apples, baby carrots and  trail mix.  I kept my calories moderately low (the provided dinner didn’t help), and I tried to stay hydrated, but I rationed my water pretty poorly, so I’d drank both of my liters of water by 9:00 pm and wouldn’t spring the $4.00 for 12oz bottle at the shop, stingy, I know.

Now, I just need to bookend my trip with a pretty hefty trip to the gym.  I need to kill it today to shock my system back out of inactivity.


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