Weekly Stats

OK it is time for our stats again. I feel so much better about myself than I did last week. I am pretty much ignoring the scale by this point. I really don’t think it is going to move. It is impossible to determine how much fat I have lost because I have been gaining so much muscle. The scale bounces around between 135 and 137 depending on the day. The thing is, my measurements are going down and the pictures are looking better and better. I always said scales where stupid and now it is just proving my point.

Beginning Stats                  Current Stats

5’6 :Height                           5’6 :Height

137lbs :Weight                  135.5lbs :Weight

38.5 :Shoulders                 39 :Shoulders

35.5 :bust                           35 :Bust

30.5 :Waist                       28.5:Waist

38 :Hips                           37 :Hips


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