Health on the road

So, right now I’m packing.  Well, not RIGHT now, right now, I’m writing this.  But, I have been, and will continue to pack when I’m done.  As often happens with me, I’m hitting the road for business in pursuit of a few opportunities relating to my other career (media).

So tomorrow, I head to DC.  It would be a 2 and half hour flight, OR a 14 hour car ride.  But I have opted for the far less common train.  Which will get me there in a staggeringly quick 17.5 hours.  I’m choosing the train because I can put my motorcycle in the baggage car, and arrive with a little transportation.

So tomorrow, at 4pm I get on a train that will roll in to Lorton VA at 9:30am the following day.  This raises some obvious health concerns that I will address now:

Clearly 17 hours on a train isn’t something many of us will do.  But road trips and days of unavoidable inactivity happen to us all.  So here are a few tricks that I will be doing, to keep in mind for your own little adventures.

Stay hydrated.  I don’t mean soda (not even diet), or juice (not even natural) , or sports drinks, I mean WATER.  Keeping the system well hydrated and lubricated will help minimize the effects of physical inactivity.  This is especially true for plane flights as compressed cabins cause dehydration.

Don’t go hungry. A common problem on days of inactivity is we don’t feel particularly hungry.  So suddenly we look up and realize we haven’t eaten in 8 hours.  This really isn’t good.  With the serious lack of movement your metabolism is going to slow down anyway.  Ceasing food, will just nearly stop it altogether.

Watch your calories. So, in stark contrast to my last statement.  The other thing people do on road trips is eat at waffle house or Cracker Barrel when they stop to eat, then plant their hand permanently in in a bag of peanut M&Ms while they drive.  As I mentioned, the inactivity is going to slow the metabolism, so keep feeing it, but its more important than ever to give it light healthy snacks as opposed junk which will just sit. (Sugar free gum, can help keep you from munching too much)

Move.  This will be easy for me, trains make it fairly easy to wander every now and again.  But whether your days of inactivity is overtime at the office or a road trip.  Try to make sure you spend a bare minimum of 5 minutes an hour on your feet.  Stand up, stretch, go to the bathroom, whatever.  Keep moving.

There are dozens of other little tricks, but these are the basics.  If you have any ideas of snacks to take on the train I’m open to suggestions.  Celery and peanut butter and trail mix is all I have at the moment.


ALSO Whereas I will have my computer, I don’t believe I’ll have wifi.  So I’ll be tweeting from my phone (wow, we live in such a primitive generation)  Follow me @TheKirkWestwood for updates, tweets and pics of the voyage.



One Response to “Health on the road”

  1. Ideas for snacks for your trip: almonds, jerky, dried fruit, baby carrots, unsweeted applesauce, snap peas (I’m a big fan of these). Have fun!

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