I like to put up my blogs early.  But today, I was invited to Paddleboard Yoga.  Just so we are clear, that’s yoga on a surf board (a big surfboard, but still).  Its windy, and cold (well for Orlando) and I’m off to do yoga on a unstable piece of styrofoam in the middle of an alligator swamp.

I’ll see if I can’t get pictures.

********* UPDATE**************

so someone was there with a video camera, so a video will hopefully be forthcoming.

Today was awesome!  I’m not what you’d call a master Yogi or anything.  I enjoy an occasional dabble with yoga, but today, doing it out on the water on a paddle board makes it an entirely different type of hard.

There are always, exercises to do.  Gyms aren’t fun for everyone.  They take a while to get used to.  But keep looking and you will find, fun, adventurous exercises that get you revved up to try them again.


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