Sick as a “Dog” & BINGO

So, I feel like death today.  O.K. it is not that bad. I have one of those flues where I don’t feel sick enough to be in bed, but I am way to sick to do anything.  I think I was sick yesterday, but I drugged myself and tried to run to the gym and that only made things worse. So today is down time. It is very very boring and hungry down time. I don’t really have the energy to make anything to eat. I have been living on Slim fast and yogurt today.

My neighbors are cooking something really good smelling and I am about ready to knock on their door and introduce myself in hopes that they will feed me.

Since I feel dizzy when I stand, I sent Kirk out to run and get my BINGO item. He is such a good sport. The item is “Broken Glass.”

I will stop typing now because I just read through this and I even sound sick today.


One Response to “Sick as a “Dog” & BINGO”

  1. Sorry you’re sick. Feel better soon.

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