Life is what happens when you are making other plans

Natalie has not been feeling well for days, and even though I was working out daily for years before I went with her… I now find I lack the motivation to push myself alone.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to the gym today.  But finding the internal push when it’s outside your “routine” is both difficult, and the most important step to all this.

There is ALWAYS going to be SOMETHING.  It is always a holiday, someone will always be in town, stressful time at work, finals, midterms, crunch time, too hot or too cold.  If you are looking for an excuse to eat a hot pocket and watch Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, you’ll ALWAYS be able to think of something (In an effort to protect my reputation, I must say on the record I’ve never seen a single episode of Dr. Quinn).

The important thing to remember, is that “dieting” doesn’t work.  The 90 day reboot, is not intended to be a “diet” (tier 3 being the only exception) but a lifestyle change.  Your body will always be the product of you intake and output.  If you alter either of those for too long, your body will change as a result.  Of course there are tricks to stack the deck in your favor.  But the short answer is, it is a permanent lifestyle change.

Find NEW foods that are snacks, ENJOY getting your heartrate up.  Develop a lifestyle around what works for you, anchored in healthy principles and you’ll find the “you” you were looking for.


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