Some days you just don’t have “IT”

Today was a hard day. I have a couple guesses on what the problem was, but one way or another I just could not bring it. My run to the gym was pathetic(a run that I do all the time). I stalled out after only 1.4 miles. We hit the gym and I wanted nothing more than to find a corner and Hibernate for a while. I basically followed Kirk around and counted his reps. In the end I made Kirk run home and bring back the car. It was truly sad.

It really was fun following Kirk around. The basket ball court was empty, so he went in to throw a ball around. In 15 mins of constant shooting he made 3 baskets. It was just a sweet reminder of why I married him. Despite this whole new healthy thing of his, he really is still the anti sports geek I fell in love with.


One Response to “Some days you just don’t have “IT””

  1. Suzanne Says:

    Hmmm, maybe there was a reason BESIDES the amazing company that Kirk always watched those Young Mens basketball games with me from the sidelines….

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