Why aren’t I losing weight?

There are dozens of facts that could cause you to hit a plateau.  Likewise, there are also many that could keep you from losing any at all.  Everything from exercise, to the what, the when and the how much you eat play integral parts in the bodies ability/inclination to shred fat and add muscle.

So, you haven’t noticed a dip in the scale yet?  You’ve been working like crazy, eating nothing and haven’t lost an ounce?  Believe it or not that might actually be your problem.  Not consuming enough calories is one of the leading reasons for a slow metabolism.  If you are sticking to 1200 a day AND spending an hour on the treadmill everyday, your body is starving!  It doesn’t know when/where the next meal is coming from, so it slows down metabolic production, stores calories and saves energy (fat).

It’s a delicate balance.  On one hand, you can’t congratulate yourself for a good workout with a double chocolate milkshake, but likewise, to workout hungry, or to not replenish the used calories causes your body to go into a form of metabolic shock.

We said at the beginning: “Never be hungry”.  Hunger is your bodies way of telling you it’s shutting down your metabolism until you get some food.  The trick is to keep a steady flow of healthy calories throughout the day.  And when you start to aggresivley burn more calories, raise your intake to compensate.

Food for thought. The FDA has said that 1200 calories is the MINIMUM daily intake for the average adult.  That EXACT same organization developed the MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) protocol for the military.  Any 3 MREs have the FDA minimum vitamin/mineral/nutrient content for the day.  Each is designed to be 1/3 of a healthy diet.  MREs range from 1200-1400 calories EACH!  The point I’m making isn’t that we should eat 3600 calories a day, but rather, when expected to have high intensity work output even the most bureaucratic and conservative organization in the world agrees you need to add a little fuel to the fire.

If there is no fuel in the fire, it isn’t going to burn as bright.


The second most common cause for diet/exercise failure is another delicate balance of consistency and confusion.

If you are working out sporadically without a “program”, without any structure at all (e.g. you workout everyday for one week, then not at all for 10 days OR you do workout 3 times a week, but you just wander around the gym and try different things) your body doesn’t recognize that as “increased output”.  It sees it for what they are:  inconsistencies to a set protocol and not something to be worried about or that can be prepared for.

The other problem is having too specific of a routine.  If you RELIGIOUSLY spend 45 minutes on the elliptical on the same program, at the same speed, watching the same television program, your muscles checked out about the same time you did.  Doing the exact same thing consistently without any kind os switch up sends your muscles into a muscle memory repetition.  As such, they could do that exercise ALL day, using nothing more than the ATP-CP (the stuff that makes muscles work) they have on hand.  YOU HAVE TO SWITCH IT UP.  Keep your muscles guessing.  Change up intensity, body part or even methodology to shred the fat and keep the weight dropping.


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