That Chocolate Time of Month II

I spent today being sick and wanting Chili cheese fries. Men Suck! They will never know this feeling and will never have compassion for it.

You know the feeling when you ask your man, “Do I look bloated” and they say, “you look great”? They are blind or lying. I have been feeling bloated all day and when I measured and weighed myself, sure enough I am a couple lbs up from last week and my waist and bust are up a couple inches as well.

Proof positive that God is a Man.

Beginning Stats                  Current Stats

5’6 :Height                           5’6 :Height

137lbs :Weight                  137lbs :Weight

38.5 :Shoulders                 38.5 :Shoulders

35.5 :bust                           35.5 :Bust

30.5 :Waist                       31 :Waist

38 :Hips                           38 :Hips


One Response to “That Chocolate Time of Month II”

  1. I am very sympathetic right now. It’s that chocolate time of month for me as well, in fact I caved last night and made cream cheese brownies, after eating 4 of them myself, and realizing I would eat the whole pan myself if I didn’t do something I threw them out. Oh well, right now my goal is to just not gain any weight while I try to get packed up and moved. Since we’re trying to get rid of food from the freezer and fridge, and not buy too much more, my choice of food is currently limited.

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