Day 35 – week 5

Look: LIGHT and DARK meat!!!

So, I’d love to say: “You are starting to really see a difference.”  But a little over a week ago I aggrivated some old injuries and I can’t quite get them to calm down. So, I’ve been taking it lighter AND I increased my calorie consumption, because it was just a bit low on average for my comfort level.

Point being, I actually gained a few pounds this week, but am still continuing to see my body fat% drop.

So, that’s that.  Haven’t heard from you guys in a while.  How is everything going for you?

they BEGGED to take this weeks picture


One Response to “Day 35 – week 5”

  1. I really like your half tan arms. Very fancy. What must it be like to live someplace sunny? I’m so bummed. We were just in Idaho and it’s sooo much colder there than it is even here. I’ve done a horrible job of watching what I eat this week, as I’ve been sick, stressed, and other things. I’ll be lucky if I manage not to gain any weight before we move. But once I’m feeling better I’m going to do a lot better at trying to watch my calorie intact. I don’t think I’m currently going over what is healthy for me, but I know its not as low as I want.

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