Proprioception is probably my favorite fitness concept.  It stems from Latin roots and essentially translates to “one’s own perception.”  Unlike your bodies senses that allow you to see, smell, hear, taste, feel external stimuli and understanding of things around you; proprioception is about internal understanding, and neuromuscular efficiency and control.

Proprioception is what helps us balance and stabilize.  Proper proprioception is what keeps us from rolling our ankles when walking up a hill, or not fall over when turning quickly/suddenly.  Ensuring a strong core is just the first step of proprioception.

Try this:  From now on, try adding a “proprioceptively enriched environment” to your workout.

Instead of doing a bench press — lay on a swiss ball and do dumbbell presses.

Instead of doing a standing bicep curl — Stand on one leg and do a bicep curl OR stand on a Bosu Ball

Instead of doing pushups — do pushups with your hands on a swiss ball OR have your feet on the ball

Instead of doing squats — do squat jumps.

Almost every exercise has a way to make it just a little bit less stable.  By doing this, and staying safe, you are enhancing your core, but also the thousands of micro muscles that help do the thousands of little things we take for granted everyday.


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