BINGO Item 4 and More

What happened to the week? It seems to have come and gone so quickly.  I got in my best running time ever today. I ran two miles with and average pace of 9.41. I don’t know much about running times, but Kirk said it was a decent time. I can feel myself running faster and faster each day. It is exciting.


Any ways even with all the running I had time to get our BINGO Item. Are you ready? It is disgusting. Todays BINGO item is: A used Weave. This week was pay check week so every woman in our neighborhood has a new weave. This it where old weaves go to die.


One Response to “BINGO Item 4 and More”

  1. that is great time! way-to-go. my fastest was 9:19 per mile for a 5k.

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