Yoga and Lululemon

So, I have done yoga in the past.  I’m actually quite the fan.  However, the Yoga programs inside of corporate gyms aren’t always the best (not that they are “bad’), so I usually have just incorporated my personal knowledge into my own workouts.

Recently, however, I met a woman at a CrossFit gym who managed a Lululemon showroom (if you aren’t familiar, look them up, awesome workout/ yoga clothes).  We got talking and so I dropped by the shop.  Long story short:  Today I’m going out to a yoga studio to try out some “hardcore” yoga.

I’ve been checking out their schedule.  I must admit, I’ll probably have to go out there a couple of times just to see what all these classes are about.  But, I have a feeling I’m gonna like it.

As many of you, who have met me in person, can attest.  I get bored easily.  I don’t like to do anything for very long.  So, I have to keep it interesting.  Mixing it up between high intensity training, and slower paced yoga is just another way to keep your muscles confused, yourself interested and the pounds dropping.



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