Playlist Confessions “Please don’t Judge me”

We didn’t have time to run to the gym as a family today, (The kids club is closed from 1-4 so we are often on a time crunch if the day is busy) So Kirk and the girls dropped me off on the street and I ran 2/3 of the way there and they drove. It was a beautiful day. There was a wonderful cooling breeze that made me feel like I was just gliding along. As I was running along, make probably my best time ever, listening to my fast beat “Celtic Opera Music”, it struck me that my music habits are just a little odd.

Don’t get me wrong. That is not my usual play list. I mostly listen to top hits while I run. But, between “Letters to Cleo,” “The Proclaimers,” and my “Smash Mouth” selections, my running play list screams out “child of the nineties”. I suppose I could put GaGa or Katy Perry on like Kirk does, but I get better motivation with songs I listen to when I was young and times were simpler.

I must confess though, I like to work out to Broadway music too. I hear you laughing at me, but it is effective. Turn on Fiddler’s “If I were a Rich man” or Dr. Horrible’s “A Man’s gotta Do” and I feel like I can take on the world. Now that you have lost all respect for me, let me just say the “Newsies” soundtrack is amazing for any cardio workout.

Seriously! If ever you get tired of your boring, cool, top hits, music, try “Defying Gravity.” You may like it.


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