Day 30 – A medical generation

The ever advancing medical field has done an interesting thing in the modern population and psyche.  On one hand it has introduced “unnatural selection” or more simply put; people are living and having children that 50-100 years ago might never have reached puberty, which is great!  On the other hand we are developing “syndromes”, “conditions” and “deficiencies” that help explain away absolutely everything.

Now, before I continue, please don’t misunderstand.  Nearly 56 million Americans genuinely suffer from some form of thyroid condition or glandular disorder and a large number of those live undiagnosed and untreated.  There are very real medical conditions and medications that make it nearly impossible to lose weight.  However, the percentage of people in America said to be overweight is closer to 140 million.  Additionally, obesity in America has risen 30% since 1985, the percentage of glandular conditions has stayed relatively consistent.

I talk with people all the time who attempt to explain away their poor health with excuses deeply rooted in long-winded medical jargon or genetic predetermination.  When it’s true, it’s very unfortunate.  However, a vast majority of the time I find that 2 or 3 questions in, their condition is self-diagnosed with the help of Wikipedia and WebMD.  If you do suffer from various glandular conditions and are living undiagnosed/untreated, that is relatively dangerous.  An imbalance in your glands can have a cascading effect leading to other health problems.

We need to very closely monitor our diet and exercise.  Our bodies were not designed to sit in front of a computer 40+ hours a week.  Our bodies were not designed to take in the long list of chemicals used to make our food shelf stable for years.  Our bodies were not designed to live in the “Computer Age.”

Every profession is getting easier and easier to accomplish with minimal output.  It is now possible to literally sit at our desks for 40+ hours each week.  Email, cell phones and the internet have removed nearly all physical activity from the modern workday.  We HAVE to put it back.  Just because technology has provided a way for us to work more speedily and efficiently, does not remove our bodies need for clean food, fresh air and good exercise.

We live in “the medical generation”:  Here, we are no longer “stupid” just “learning disabled,” we are no longer “crazy” just “imbalanced” and no longer “fat” but “have a condition.”  Medical advancements have grown leaps and bounds, they have saved lives, redefined our lifestyles and made us grow.  But, in the wake of that, many (to include the former “me”) lost their sense of personal responsibility.

No one else will care about your health, if you don’t.  Are our “conditions” making us fat?  Or is being fat, giving us a “condition?”


One Response to “Day 30 – A medical generation”

  1. Hey, the scale has moved four pounds since last week. Well, yes I have had the flu, but I still chalk the weight loss up to good diet and healthy exercise.

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