This is Disgusting!!!

We have been at this for 29 days now. Kirk made me run to the gym my first day and on the way there I saw this piece of red-viny-candy-thingy on the ground. I have since seen it at the exact same place every time we run. I like to run over it with the wheel of the stroller. (yes I know I am still 10)


The point I am making is that, that piece of candy has been on a sidewalk for at least 29 days. In that 29 days it has been rained on multiple times. A lot of people walk this sidewalk so I can imagine I am not the only one to run over/step on it.  Yet, it is still in relatively good condition. People eat this stuff. Kids eat this stuff. How can it be ok that after 29 days in the elements it still has not even partially broken down? How is the body supposed to break it down?

Seriously ! The nuclear holocaust comes and roaches are sitting around eating these red-viny-thingys instead of twinkles.


Anyways. That was just food for though.



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