A little cheese with that whine?

A trainer’s job description is fairly unique.  In fact outside of a dentist and marines at Abu Ghraib I can’t think of anyone who’s job it is to cause their “clients” pain.  However, more often than not,  I find myself saying “eh, this is too easy… MORE WEIGHT”.

It really isn’t rampant sadism, its the fact that study, after study, after study all say the same thing:  Higher intensity, shorter intrevals, AT YOUR MAX for a shorter period of time, is overall more beneficial than “sweatin’ to the oldies” for an hour.

It’s been 29 days.  We are all into the shallow end of Tier 2, which includes upping our strength and cardio training to the next level.  I don’t mean make it longer (although feel free to try) I’m saying make it HARDER.  If you do a “proper” metabolic workout, strength, cardio or endurance, 20 minutes should make you want to cry.  There are a lot of programs out there, that are just fantastic, and I mean them no disrespect.  But the average p90x workout is 45-60 minutes.  I’ve been working with some trainers/groups recently where, there wasn’t a person standing (including some MASSIVE jocks) after 15-20 minutes.

If you are one of those people who “just can’t find the time”, I really do understand.  This should be great news.  You don’t need a lot of time.  Including stretching, changing and showering I’m talking 45 minutes TOPS.


Cardio (running or eliptical):  Jog that mile or two you always do — BUT NOW — SPRINT between every other or every third lamp post (or other prominent land mark)

Resistance (weights or bands):  don’t worry so much amount the “how much” and more about the “how many/long”.  Drop you weight down a few notches, get in sight of a clock and SLAM as many reps as possible in a predetermined amount of time.  You pectoral’s ability to bench press 300lbs once is a completely different muscle type and metabolic response than benching 150lbs as fast as you can for 20 seconds straight. Maintaining good form is of PARAMOUNT importance  BE SAFE!

Natalie loves to whine and frankly I think it’s cute.  It’s when she stops whining I know that we aren’t working any more, but just playing at the gym.



One Response to “A little cheese with that whine?”

  1. This is probably your best entry yet. But that may be because A) I’ve been on a HIIT kick lately in my cardio, and B) I’ve been noticing myself slack off in the weight department. Having someone there to motivate/spot you is key.

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