day 28 – Cheating

So, over the weekend Natalie was getting discouraged that despite our best efforts the scale just isn’t moving as dramatically as she had hoped.  She needed/wanted a pick me up and really wanted to just sit down and have an entire cheesecake or something.

So I figured, lets go to the store and forget about calories for just a few minutes, but find you a treat that will not only satisfy cravings, but isn’t just garbage and preservatives.  We started at the bakery.

It being a “bakery” I assumed that we could find a single cupcake or slice of cake that had basic healthy(ish) ingredients.  I was MORTIFIED to see, that not only did every confection there have 35+ ingredients, including 5 and 6 types of sugar, every preservative I’ve ever heard of and a multitude of things I wouldn’t put on the menu at a POW camp, BUT, the calorie content of their treats ranged from 900 t0 2400 calories ( I know I said we weren’t going to pay attention to that, but there is a threshold for crazy).

So we wandered back to ice cream and took a look at the Hagen-Daas 5 ingredient ice cream, which I was almost going to cave on.  The calories were only moderately crazy 500-800 and the ingredients were basic and “natural”.  But I still wasn’t particularly “feeling it” and Natalie wasn’t either.

So we left the grocery store and went to a little frozen yogurt place near by.  I took a look at their ingredients and for the most part I found it acceptable.  Plus, in the “medium” size WITH toppings there was going to be only 200 calories.

So we made our various orders, scooped out a portion for our daughters and sat down to “cheat” (responsibly)


1)When you absolutely have to have a treat/pick me up there is ALWAYS a healthy option that will be satisfying and non-toxic

2) Even though we were both under calories for the day, picked a “healthy” alternative, topped it with fruit and stayed as “on track” as humanly possible.  The sugar in the frozen yogurt made us both sick.  We both got headaches, nearly instantly.  I felt dizzy and woozy and Natalie was nauseated.

Overall – SO NOT WORTH IT.


3 Responses to “day 28 – Cheating”

  1. I made a batch of packaged cinnamon rolls for the kids the other day (since I’m trying to get rid of all the food in our fridge and freezer) I broke down and ate 2, I felt SO gross afterward. Not my finest moment. It did taste good going down though.

    One thing I’ve been trying to do to stay away super preserved food, is make things from scratch as much as possible. I’m wiping up homemade bread, & made cookies for the boys (if Matt & the kids are going to have sugar I’d rather it was something I made w/ fresh ingredients) hopefully once we’ve moved I can do a lot more cooking and baking on my own. My mom once told me to “shop the edges of the grocery store” because that is usually where they keep the fresh food. So that’s what we’ll be doing.

  2. When Adam and I get so that we want something sweet, we throw some frozen fruit in the blender and call it a smoothy.
    That works really well for us.

  3. Being sick was kinda worth it for me. What wasn’t worth it was the fact that I couldn’t sleep last night. I was so tired, but I was up and down and tossing and turning all night long.

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