Curbside BINGO

Curbside BINGO!  O.K.! Here’s how to play. I will post five BINGO cards. Download only one of these cards.  Every day, starting tomorrow, I draw out of a bowl what I have to find while running. I take a picture of that item and post it on the blog. Each day as I post, mark off your card. I hear you asking why; Because I bore easily and I need to mix things up.

We will accept vertical, horizontal and diagonal bingos. The winner will be the first person to post a comment saying BINGO.

There are five cards so someone else may have one the same as yours. In that case you had better just hope you’re faster than they are.

Kirk says the winner will get a prize. I am just not sure yet what it will be.

Good Luck!!

Curbside BINGO Card 1

Curbside BINGO Card 2

Curbside BINGO Card 3

Curbside BINGO Card 4

Curbside BINGO Card 5


6 Responses to “Curbside BINGO”

  1. Man you guys live in a classy neighborhood…LOL

  2. BINGO!

    (What? You didn’t say we had to actually have a winning card, just comment and say BINGO. XD)

  3. Before I choose, how often would you say you see a “used weave” on a weekly basis. Just wondering…

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