Day 26 – very nearly 4 weeks

Today is Saturday, the day we try and mix it up and as such, I’m going to do some more CrossFit this morning.  I’ve been doing HIIT workouts and Tabata for more often recently and let me tell you:  BELIEVE THE HYPE!!!

I know many of you are seeing varied results in your programs.  I’ve had reports of great success, other reports of minor discouragement.  To this all I can really say (without a direct conversation with you)  Step it up!  If you are following the diet and you aren’t seeing results, try refining the diet a little bit.

Many people are more fat sensitive than others, many are affected by carbs and sugars and some people are grossly affected by sodium.  I have found that sugar is most often the culperit, but I have also found I work with a lot of “T” body types.  Know what is going in your body, and know how it seems to affect you.

But mostly, look to your workout.  I see it everyday.  I’ll ask someone how things are going with their program and I hear words of discouragment: “Kirk, I come to the gym EVERYDAY, but I’m not seeing results.”  A lot of the time I find that they come to they gym, wander from machine to machine, pushing themselves to 65% of their max, for one set, meandering on and then going home an hour later.

Go to the gym (or wherever) with a plan.  Hit it HARD, for a shorter period of time (20-30 minutes) but leave the gym seeing stars.  You would be surprised at how an hour on the elliptical PALES in comparison to 20 minutes of tabata.  Or even 10 minutes of a HIIT circuit.

If you are watching a fitness video in your living room, and you find you can keep up with Jillian (or whoever) the whole time only barely breaking a sweat, GET A DIFFERENT VIDEO!  Not to sound like one of “those guys”, but if it isn’t hard, it isn’t working.

My services remain open to anyone who wants help building a program with things you have at hand.  No gym memberships needed if you don’t have one.  I’ll work with you!


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