The Food Network… Is the Devil

We didn’t have time to run today, so at the gym I was put on the stair master for a while. So, here I am on the first day of my husband implementing further restrictions on my diet and I look up to the TV in front of me and there is the Barefoot Contessa teaching me how to make “Donuts”. Are you kidding me?!? Why was the food network on in the gym anyways? I am very open to suggestion and now I want Donuts. That is just cruel.


I know I can’t be the only one to feel this way. In an environment where people are attempting to employ self-restraint they are dangling in front of our faces all the carb filled goodness we are trying to avoid. It is as bad as the time when Kirk took me running past a whole bunch of restaurants that had their kitchen doors open. I wanted BBQ Ribs for about a week after that.


I just have to think of something else. Flat abs! Flat Abs! FLAT ABS!!!



2 Responses to “The Food Network… Is the Devil”

  1. Jennifer McCann ( started a supplemental blog dealing with just this issue – she was looking at “This is Why You’re Fat” and noticed how many peoples comments went “EEEW — now I want one” which is SO true. Anyway, she make “This is Why You’re Thin” to post yummy descriptions and photos of healthy food – it used to be all-vegan, but it looks like she relaxed it to include normal vegetarian stuff too.

  2. I feel shame at the number of typos in the previous comment.

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