Day 24 – Eating for YOUR body type!

Body types are a very real thing.  As I’ve said before:  “We are little snowflakes, and can’t really be compared to each other”.  Here’s why:  There are 3 major fat composition types: Ectomorph, Endomorph, Mesomorph.  Four major glandualar body types: Pituitary, thyroid, adrenal and gonadial.  And 8 blood types (most people know those).

Now, there are websites that can help you know what all that means, I can look at a picture of you and ask you some questions and determine a lot of it and a dietician or nutritionist could really help.  My point is really, diet really isn’t that can be compared.

I was talking to a client recently (61 yr old, 0+,Thyroid, endomorph) who despite being diligent on the reboot, counting calories and exercising just COULDN’T lose weight.  We talked for a while and I recommended an experiment:  No sugar, AT ALL.  A piece of fruit might be okay occasionally,  maybe a cup of natural yogurt.  But no candy, NO SUGAR (thyroid body types can be a little sugar sensitive, especially as they age).  She has lost 6 lbs this week.

Am I saying to stop eating sugar?  NO! I’m saying that everyone has a combination of factors and bioinformatics that make them react to food and nutrients nearly individually.  There are a few universal truths, but there are also MANY things that pertain to you.  Not to you wife/husband, roommate or children; Just you!

Tier 2 (even more in tier 3) is now about figuring out YOU.  Start keeping a food journal (if you aren’t).  Scribble down on a piece of paper, what you are eating AND how you are feeling AND your weight.  Try something for a few days, then change it up.  Stick to the premises of the 90dayreboot, as I developed them on nearly universal truths, but within that:  Fiber, protein, sugar, fat everyone NEEDS different things.

Questions?  Send me a picture. Let’s talk.


2 Responses to “Day 24 – Eating for YOUR body type!”

  1. Kirk –

    I’m down about 6lb from start, which is fine, but not great given the amount of weight I’m looking to lose I should be losing more weight at the beginning of a program.

    What foods should I be avoiding/seeking out?

  2. That’s the only way I lose weight too. I have to cut out all refined sugars (I haven’t had a problem with just fruit, but I also maybe have 1 serving of this a day).

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