Rolling with the punches

As Natalie already detailed the odd curve ball today was, I won’t.  But, I will say this:  In the course of having multiple transient clients, a freelance career, two children and a habit for being a little unpredictable, I have more “curve ball” days, then not.  The real trick is being “prepared for them.”

Eating out is nearly inevitable.  You can’t be home for 5 meals a day, everyday.  And you certainly can’t cart around a lunchbox with you everywhere (that having been said, Natalie found a Scooby-Doo “Mystery Machine” lunch box she REALLY wants), so arm yourself with knowledge of your surroundings.

Know what restaurants/delis/hot dog stands/fast food joints are in your “world”.  Spend 20 minutes one day looking up their menu on line and know what you can eat there.  It’s really unreasonable to assume that diet will become the cornerstone of your life.  However, armed with the knowledge of what there is, and where, you can nearly seamlessly maintain healthy, hassle free meals, all the time.


6:30am breakfast shake (230 calories)

8:30am Clif Bar (140 calories)

11:30am Kashi/Cheerios Blend (400 calories)- VERY large bowl

2:30pm LARGE bowl of popcorn with tabasco (about 100 calories)

5:30pm Pollo Campero – Chicken breast and black beans with water (400 calories – I asked to see their nutrition guide- EVERYONE PROVIDES NUTRITION GUIDES IF YOU ASK)


8:30pm I forsee a small helping of eggwhites and cheese or maybe some celery and peanut butter (prediction 250-350 calories)


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