Best Laid Plans…

This morning I had my day all planned out. Breakfast, Gym by 10:30, home by 12:00 and move all my furniture for the carpet cleaner people to come and then spend the afternoon at Disney world while the carpet dried. But, the best laid plan…


The carpet guys got here at 10:00. We were not ready for them, so we moved all the furniture into the back yard while they cleaned. They said we had to wait till it was dry to put it back. So rather than going to the gym or anywhere else, we have sat around all day (not walking on the floor) waiting for it to dry.


…This just in. While sitting here typing, Kirk informed me that he finally found a 5k that allows stroller and on March 19th he is going to drag me out kicking and screaming at the crack of dawn and make me run with all the other healthy-healthy weirdos. I liked him so much better when he was fat.



One Response to “Best Laid Plans…”

  1. Seriously. Fat people are supposed to be jolly. It’s in their contract.

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