Day 22 – “Mission Related Tasks”

Nearly everyone looking to get into shape harbors at least a secondary aesthetic objective.  Health is often cited as first, but I really think “looking good” is very often at the top of the priority list.  However, for me at least, that was never a good enough push.  I was fine being fat, there was no “reason” to lose any weight.

Then I worked (as a filmmaker) with a group of professional dancers.  “Krazy Kujo” to be specific was their leader and he was nigh unto super human with the things he could do with his body.  I called my wife from set one night, and said “if I could do with my body, what he can do with his; it would be worth losing the weight.”

A few months later, the diet began.

It shouldn’t really surprise anyone (that knows me at least) that amongst the many exercise manuals and text books I have read is included the “Navy SEALS Physical Fitness Guide”.  One of my favorite sections in the book is one that discusses the methodology behind the SEALS training regime.

It goes into (relatively exhaustive) detail about the various things that might be asked of a SEAL in the course of his career, then plans/trains accordingly:

“An athlete training for a marathon will want to train that he finishes the race in the shortest amount of time.  Everything else in your program will be secondary to the primary objective of maximizing lower extremity aerobic performance. Likewise, a kayaker will maximize his aerobic performance by focusing on upper extremity conditioning. a competitive weight lifter, in contrast will strive to maximize the amount of weight that he can lift, with little or no emphasis on endurance training.”    –NAVY SEAL PHYSICAL FITNESS GUIDE

I needed to lose weight.  Not because I wanted to look better (it really was) and not because I needed to get healthy (it REALLY was) it was so I could do a handstand (sound trivial, it is, but it worked!)  I ran everyday, sometimes as many as 10 miles.  I kept to my diet like my life depended on it, because I was determined to do a handstand.

I know many people struggle with staying on a diet.  I think a lot of it is motivation.  Of course “getting healthy” and “looking good” are your motivation, ITS EVERYONES MOTIVATION.  But never underestimate the power of a tangible, measurable and (perhaps menial) obtainable goal.

I still work on my handstand everyday, and have, for 2 and a half years.  Find something that means something to you.  Something that is related, yet not the same as the hard to measure “look good” or “get healthy” benchmarks.  Run a 5k, a 10k, a Half-Marathon, a Marathon, learn to dance, hike, backpack, ANYTHING.  Something important to you, something you can tell yourself is “what its REALLY all about”

This is the project I shot/produced with Kujo (fat Kirk makes an appearance if you know where to look)

This is Kujo’s Demo reel.  FREAKING INSANE – but it will explain my handstand obsession.


One Response to “Day 22 – “Mission Related Tasks””

  1. ahhh…explains the handstand in your previous video. I just figured it was something you learned to do during your “juggling days.” One of my motivations right now is that my mom got a new horse a while back, and I really want to ride her, and look good while doing so. I used to look great riding a horse, now I would look like a chubby older lady 😦

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