No one expects the Spanish Inquisition

You know, it takes a certain level of narcissistic, masochism to look like a model or movie star. Seriously, being fit hurts…a lot! Mine and every other gym is filled with millions of dollars worth of torture machines that would do a Spanish inquisitionist proud.  I took a look around the gym today at all the other people there. It was kind of scary the level pain on the faces of some of my fellow gym members.


Or, if you are like me and haven’t what it takes for self-inflicted-torture, you hire someone to come and do it to you. I often wonder in the midst of my struggles what information I need to disclose to just make it stop. The problem is by the end of my workout, as sore and out of breath as I am, my body is pumped full of endorphins. So, I am back out running to the gym the next day for more torture just for a low level endorphin high…I may have a problem.


It is time for my weekly stats. They didn’t really change from last week, but at least my picture is cute. Seriously, I started dancing around my room the other day when I noticed how hard my abs are getting. I am not ready to say, “punch me in the stomach,” but it is still pretty cool.


This week we are going to focus on my flabby grandma arms.  Wish me luck! Because, after today’s workout I won’t be able to pick up my kids.





Beginning Stats                      Today’s Stats

5’6 Height                               5’6 Height

137 lb Weight                          135 lb Weight

38.5 Shoulders                        37.5 Shoulders

35.5 Bust                                 34.5 Bust

30.5 Waist                               28.5 Waist

38 Hips                                   36.5 Hips




One Response to “No one expects the Spanish Inquisition”

  1. You’re looking great!

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