Day 21 – Three WEEKS – TIER 2

Everyday is a new benchmark.  Whether or not the earth shakes, the clouds open, birds sing or the scale dips.  Everyday you keep your heart rate at a “healthy high” and your body clear of pseudo-food is a day you are getting a step closer to your goals.

Our muscles have memory (we’ve all heard of “muscle memory”) but so does our metabolism (metabolic memory less commonly mentioned).  The athlete, after years of de-conditioning can often get back into shape far faster than a normal person could get there.  His muscles have been there, there is a “memory” a conditioning, whether or not its active is less important.

The sad/scary/discouraging part:  Most peoples metabolisms do not have that precedent to fall back in to.  For

Current Weight 191 (down from 199.5)

a vast majority of the under 40 crowd, a diet devoid of chemicals, preservatives and processing has NEVER been in our lifestyle.  For the better half of the last century, we have eaten produce bathed in chemicals, meats that were essentially lab created and often dinners out of a cardboard/cellophane wrapper.

Our fat cells and gastro-intestinal tract  contain remnants of toxins and preservatives that were never intended to be edible.  But still, we produce and consume billions of dollars worth of pseudo-food every year.  It’s cheaper, lasts longer, is more accessible and often far easier to cook, why on earth WOULDN’T we prefer it.

This is the part where I could very easily draw loose comparisons to the increased use of chemicals and pseudo-food to the raise in American obesity, childhood obesity, incidents of cancer, heart disease the appearance of Crohn’s, colitis, IBS, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and even things like ADD, ADHD, Bi-Polar disorder and depression.  But I really don’t feel like doing that, and frankly I think most people can draw/research most of those conclusions made by far smarter people than me.

The point:  Tier 1, was all about setting a new precedent for your cravings.  Eating constantly, capping your quantities to a healthy max/min and increasing water consumption to help flush/hydrate the system.

Along with diet portion we worked on getting our heartrates up, our cores strong and our balance primed.

I’ve feathered in some Tier 2 principles along the way.  But here they are laid out:

Continue to eat every 2-3 hours
Continue to monitor caloric consumption (although, this should be getting easy to do passively)
Continue to hydrate consistantly
Continue to get your heartrate up  3-5 times a week
Continue to do some kind of strength training 2-3 times a week (minimum) But NOW focus on MUSCLE
Increase FIBER intake to 25g+ per day
Increase Protein intake to 0.8g per kg daily (e.g. I’m 191 lbs.  86 kg = approx 70g of protein MINIMUM) More if you are doing aggressive strength training
Limit carbohydrates to breakfast through mid afternoon.  Easy rule of thumb; none 4 to 5 hours before bedtime.  If you go to bed at 10pm, no carbs after 5-6ish
Greatly reduce/remove prepackaged and heavily processed foods.

Some of these are so obvious steps from Tier 1, many/most of you have already started adapting many of them on your own.  Eat healthy, eat right and get some muscle building.  We are coming up on 1 month complete.  How are we doing.  I know many have reported weight loss and loose fitting clothes.  Where are we on our journey?


One Response to “Day 21 – Three WEEKS – TIER 2”

  1. This morning we ran two miles without stopping for MY first time ever. of course Adam could run so much farther without me but he is sweet to go at my pace.
    As a reward he bought be new running shoes so that my feet wouldn’t hurt anymore. When we got back from the run he made us both a protien shake. Best husband ever.

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