Day 19 – What’s in your breakfast?

I’m not going to harp on breakfast being the most important meal of the day.  Mostly, because, well you should know that.  And, because I’ve spent considerable energy doing so in the past.  I will however, talk about WHAT you have for breakfast being of crazy importance.

Did you know that a plain white bagel has the same amount of carbs as 5 slices of white bread?  Add cream cheese and you’re getting fat, sugar and still nothing resembling “nutrition”. A bagel is going to spike your insulin, do nothing to ebb hunger and overall be a backsliding breakfast.

Did you know that many of the “healthy” cereal options contain more sugar and less fiber than some of “sugar” cereals? E.G, Kelloggs Low fat granola has 17g of sugar per servings, where Fruit Loops has 12g of sugar in per serving (note: these “servings” are comically small, you’ll probably eat close to double the “serving).  Read Labels, find a cereal with high fiber, good protein and as little sugar as palatably possible (I really like some of the Kashi products, try GoLean Crunch)

Did you know that lean proteins and high fibers can help satiate hunger, ebb cravings and keep you fuller longer?  Some eggs, natural oatmeal (not the junk in the envelope with as much as sugar as a soda) and fresh fruit will power your body and brain for hours.

So when rolling out of bed and heading for that mandatory breakfast, think of it as a foundation.  The rest of your day will be built upon what you eat first.  Start the day with an insulin shock craving creator and it might be a less than stellar day.  But start with lean meats, eggs, fibers (including fruit) and you might find that everything else just falls into place.


2 Responses to “Day 19 – What’s in your breakfast?”

  1. Every morning I eat the same thing for breakfast. 2 boiled eggs and a piece of whole wheat toast with some honey on it. Is this healthy?

    • The short answer is yes. The questions that follow are these:

      Is it really whole wheat? Don’t trust the name or brand, read the ingredients. If you see the word “enriched”, thats not a good sign. Lots of companies lie about something being ‘multi-grain’ or ‘whole wheat’ always double check.

      You know how to make bread, if there is an ingredient you can’t pronounce or dont know what is, think about switching brands. Additionally, as a woman in your 20s you need to be getting 25g+ of fiber daily. Breads have anywhere from 0 (wonderbread) to 5+ (many natural brands). If it has less than 3g, think about switching.

      How much honey? Honey is a great natural sugar, so this isn’t a huge issue either way, but the more liquid gold you pour on top the more you are undercutting the healthy complexity of the carbs in the bread.

      Do you use butter? Once again, butter is ALWAYS better than margarine. If you love yourself and respect your body you would NEVER use margarine, its poison. But butter in any significant quantity can get unhealthy.

      But as a whole, a piece of wheat toast with 2 eggs, thats a breakfast of about 300 calories, 5 grams of fiber and 34g of protein. I’d say all in all thats a solid A (maybe even an A+ depending on the bread)

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