By george I think she’s got it!

So Natalie and I set out on our run to the gym today.  We always start off walking, at least until we get past a fairly major road a block from our house.  But usually, we continue to walk (at Natalie’s insistence) untill well after half way to the gym, just running the last 0.8 – 1.4 miles or so.

But today, we got past the major road and we took off, running all the way until the door of the gym, a little over 2 miles.  That would be impressive enough, however, we had just barely left the gym (2 hours and a fairly intense workout later) and she took off again making it well over a mile before stopping.

We have been running/walking to and from the gym everyday for 19 days now.  Usually with about a 1.5-2 mile run and 4ish mile walk (still pretty decent exercise).  However today, Natalie blew me away, not only running almost the entire way there, but nearly half the way home.

I’ve challenged her to run in a 5k with me.  I’d love to run with the kids (stroller) as well, but every single 5k I’ve found in the area has a “no stroller” policy.  Bummer.



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