Locker Room Fantasies Revealed

I have heard a lot of guys fantasize about what goes on in a women’s gym locker room. I have heard fantasies about women being all hot and sweaty and showering and changing in front of each other. I don’t know if those lockers actually exist or are found only in the imagination of men.


At my gym the only women changing in front of everyone are the large women over 60. It is creepy really. There are changing rooms, but for some reason every old lady in that locker room feels she needs to bare it all out in the open. Are they trying to give me nightmares?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a censor bar across everything you don’t want to see in real life.  Like when I walk into the locker room, instead of a giant full moon I get a lunar eclipse.


When it comes right down to it, I really should thank them. One walk through the ladies room inspires me to go back out into the gym and do three more sets.



3 Responses to “Locker Room Fantasies Revealed”

  1. Wait, ladies go into a separate room to change? That make me want to ridicule them like I do guys who use the private shower at the gym or insist on peeing in a stall instead of a urinal.

  2. after spending a month showering and changing around all of the old men at the pool locker rooms here, i’ve suspected that it’s probably the same at the girls’ locker room next door.
    thanks for the confirmation.

  3. I can verify that this is true. Most of what you see in the women’s locker room you wouldn’t want to. I usually only see old and/or obese people and small children naked. Girls judge girls, so if you don’t have a nice body you don’t want anyone to see that because they’ll think you’re unattractive (poor thing) and if you DO have a nice body you don’t want to attract attention/jealousy. Not that applies to every woman. Some are honestly just modest. But yeah, they wouldn’t let us use the shower stalls to change in junior high, so we all kept as covered as we could (did an impressive job, I might add) and kept our eyes on our lockers. Girls do not want to see other girls naked or for other girls to see them naked (with obvious exceptions I don’t need to point out to anyone.) We’re not like boys. Laugh away, Joe T.

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