Day 18 – Health made easy?

I saw on twitter recently a post I really liked.  It said (paraphrasing) “saying being healthy is just eating right and exercising occasionally is like saying your body is made of flesh and bone with a little bit of blood in between”.

As I have said in the past, being healthy is a decision, a commitment and as glib as this may sound:  Once you’ve made that decision, that commitment, its really quite easy.  I was speaking to a friend of mine yesterday.  He’s been following the blog and happily reported that he was “cutting out soda”.

This hasn't happened to me yet

I excitedly replied “Awesome, cut it out? or weening off?

“Weening off, I only drink soda at restaurants and bars, but not at home anymore”

“That’s a great step! But you really need to cut that garbage completely out”

“It really is only when I go out”

“But you go out everyday”

“Yea, but I don’t drink soda at home anymore”

“yes, but you eat out 1 -2 times a day”

Here is the thing that was being missed.  A nice glass of soda at your favorite restaurant has as many as 240 calories per fill.  Assuming you only get 1 refill (the average is 2-3) you just consumed 480 calories of HFCS and chemicals and your body is going to completely ignore the relatively good Chili’s BBQ chicken salad.  Your body will ALWAYS go for the liquids first and 480 empty calories will last it till your next meal or bedtime VERY easily.  Meaning:  The food gets stored (fat)

“But Kirk!  I only drink DIET SODA!  That has 0 calories!”

I’ll admit up front the “diet soda” conversation makes thing far more complicated, but none the less equally bad for you.  There are many reasons you shouldn’t drink diet soda.  The first being, the sugar in regular soda is at least a “nutrient”.  Diet soda is truly a worthless chemical specifically designed to tell your body and brain that its getting something that it isn’t (sugar and calories).  This does all sorts of weird things to your metabolism and digestion.  Not to mention, you are drinking a science project, not a drink.  Its all just chemicals and artificial garbage.

Back on message:  I know that food is delicious and even though many don’t believe me, its a major weakness for me.  But the fact remains, make the decision.  Decide to cut garbage from your life.  Eat real foods, healthy and balanced meals, and VERY quickly THAT is what you will find yourself craving (I can barely swallow soda anymore, diet or otherwise, its truly disgusting to me)


One Response to “Day 18 – Health made easy?”

  1. Kirk, I just thought I would let you know that I did “cindy” this morning after our morning run and you were right it is intense. I did 60 chin-ups in the 20 minutes. I did three sets in the first two 3min periods and then two sets each period after that. It was a good warm-up…maybe I’ll do this everyday before I do p90x.
    I’m sure that you’ll want to know that I did ten pushups and 15 squats for every 5chinups, and the last 60pushups I had a two year old monkey boy on my back.

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