Day 16 – beware of corporate gyms and precut programs

So I’ve been “training” in one aspect or another for about 2 years now.  Whether it was myself, friends, family, friends of friends or people that answered various adds I had posted.  I have been reading, researching and applying fairly constantly for a while.

In that time, I’ve visited and worked out in dozens of gyms, be they chains or private, and talked to hundreds of trainers, whether it be in person or online.  I recently started training in a very large, very well-known national chain.  I am a real believer in personal training.  I believe in the ability it has to motivate, inspire and educate.  I know that personal training has, is and will change lives.  That having been said, there are used car salesmen that would count themselves embarrassed by some of the sheer crap being slung at some of these corporate chain gyms.

Understand that the term “certified” is ambivalent at best.  There are dozens of “certifications” and nearly no

that sounds about right

oversight.  There is one accreditation committee (NCCA – a medical board that oversees things like dietitians, nutritionist, nurses, rehab centers and  personal training certifications).  They have accredited a very few great certifications NSCA, AAPTE, NASM (what I have) and a few more.

But I have been shocked recently hearing the sales team going through their whole routine, going for a hard sell with half truths and bargain bin certifications.   I have been scolded for not “closing the sale” when I truly believed that the program my gym mandates really wasn’t what this person was looking for/needing.

I am not down on big chain gyms as a whole.  As a matter of fact I pay a fair amount to a different chain (when my membership where I work is free) because I feel they are a better establishment, team and fitness ideology.

Several of you have talked to me now about going and getting a trainer, PLEASE DO!  A good trainer is awesome!  It is like having someone in your court who will answer questions and help you understand the little details (I’m obviously happy to help in those arenas as well).  But find a trainer you trust, someone who is in the business of helping people, not rehearsing their football practice (lot of college athletes moonlight as trainers).  Ask about credentials and certifications.  The gym I pay to go to, each trainer has an average of 3 certifications MOST have degrees in fitness, kinesiology or exercise science and nearly all have 5+ years of experience.  Where the gym where I work, no one has more than one certification and they don’t understand why I’m studying for my second.

There are people out there that LOVE this stuff and there are people out there that just understand it.  Personal training isn’t “Cheap” but nothing is more expensive than a plan that doesn’t work, or a person who is selling you a precut program.

If you want a program for you, I am obviously willing to help out.  If you need/want an on-sight trainer (a reaction I more than understand) and have questions, ask me.  Don’t get caught in world of precut programs, when you are paying for a specialist.


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