Wednesday in the Park with the Westwoods

Things are getting boring, so today we changed things up and ran to the park rather than the gym. I know what you are thinking, “way to think outside, yet still pressed right up against the box.”

It was a beautiful day, so we made a morning of it and packed a lunch and everything. The girls got to run around and play. It was nice to spend time as a family. We have to take advantage of the nice weather, because in two months it will be so hot and humid outside that even Dorothy and Toto would melt.


It was almost a perfect day. A word to other mothers: If your ten year old continues to push my kids on the 2-5 year old playground I am going to kill the little brat.


Have a nice day one and all. 🙂



2 Responses to “Wednesday in the Park with the Westwoods”

  1. I know what you mean about bratty kids on playgrounds. One time at Chick-fil-A Jeremy and I were watching Talmage on their play grounds. Talmage had crawled all the way to the top and was inside their toy car up really high. Through the car window I saw a little boy hitting Talmage repeatedly while Talmage just sat their sad and wondering what was going on. Before you could drop a hat I had climbed up the playground into the car and was telling that little boy that if he hit my baby one more time he would be kicked out of the play area and wouldn’t be allowed to come back. I don’t think I was too harsh.

  2. I also am not a fan of the older kids who come and making “small children” play areas a stressful nightmare. I’ll take the kids to the mall and let them play all the time, and there are parents who just leave their older kids there while they shop. Hello! The sign says watch you kids…and also no one over a certain height is allowed on the toys! Maybe people just can’t/don’t read anymore.

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