Today I Run

On January 13, 1998 I was in a major car accident. My injuries were extensive, critical and far too many to name. I said good-bye to my parents and left my house at 6:00 pm and twelve hours later my parents were being told that their 17-year-old daughter might not make it to the end of the day.

Two weeks and 4 major surgeries later, when I was stable, I was told that I would be in a wheel chair the rest of my life.  And if I did walk,  it wouldn’t be without assistance and a varying degree of pain. The following years were spent in and out of major surgeries and rehab centers.


This morning I woke up and with my husband and two kids and I ran 2.8 miles to the gym, I worked out for an hour, and walked 2.8 miles home.

The Doctors told me that the only thing that saved my life, was that I was young, strong and very healthy.  I was in shape then, I ate right and I took the best care of myself that I knew how.

I speak from experience when I say: Few things should take priority over your health.  This 90dayReboot to me is more than just “an attempt to lose weight”.  It’s far more than any vain attempt at being a “hottie mom” (won’t lie, that’ll be nice).  But the 90dayReboot for me is about rebuilding strength and muscle that I never fully recovered AND to prove that it isn’t over until you let it be.

I was never suppose to walk, TODAY I RAN!

They weren’t sure if I’d be able to have children.  I HAVE TWO.

I am supposed to be brain dead, and the jury is sill out on that one!

Never let being healthy be taken for granted.  Run Faster, work harder, be as healthy as you can possibly be.  You never know when your body might need it.












7 Responses to “Today I Run”

  1. Well one thing is for sure. I’m certainly glad that you made it, and were able to walk, and have awesome kids, and be my friend. And you already are a hottie mom, and I’m sure will just get hotter. Totally jealous btw. And I admit that this made me tear up a bit, because I can’t imagine where I’d be without you. 🙂

  2. AND, you didn’t even break a nail my beautiful young lady.

  3. I had all sorts of memories come back from you recounting that story.

  4. Wow I can’t believe how long ago that was and what a miracle it was! You are (and always have been ) one amazing woman!

  5. I had never seen those pictures before… WOW your words really give me PAUSE!!! and now I am going to get back on the elipticle …
    ANother thing I am learning from Kirk, my chiropractor, and Physical therapist is that as you age you REALLY need to work on your balance as falls happen when your balance doesn’t let you STOP properly

  6. Thank you for sharing your story. I really needed it.

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