Day 15 – How was Valentine’s?

Did we dodge the chocolates and fine exotic dinners last night?  I must admit… Natalie and I totally forgot it was Valentine’s day.  We knew it was coming, we were aware it “twas the season” but it wasn’t untill about 5:30pm we remembered it was “today” (yesterday).

So my cute little plans of making a whole wheat, artichoke heart and pepper pizza (impishly shaped like a heart) were foiled,  not by a lack of preparation or good intentions… but apathy and absent mindedness on both our parts.

We’re probably better off.  Calorically, the pizza I had planned to make wasn’t going to be bad at all.  All organic, unprocessed, good cheeses, fresh peppers, the WORKS, but frankly you shouldn’t consume high amounts of carbs (simple OR complex) in the evenings.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll remind you now:  The 90dayReboot is not a “carb killer” diet.  However, whereas the body absolutely NEEDS good carbs, it has little to no use for them while you are asleep or near bedtime.  Point?  Spagetti for dinner isn’t a solid plan.  Waffles for breakfast? Make me some!

A simple rule of thumb:  Drastically limit carbs after about 5-6pm (assuming you have a traditional bedtime of 10-11pm).  Want a midnight snack?  Late dinner?  Aim for lighter leaner proteins.  Celery and peanut butter, scrambled eggs(whites), hummus (be careful about the chips/pita), greens, you get the point.

I have been loving the feedback/questions/comments both on the page and by email ( so keep ’em coming!


4 Responses to “Day 15 – How was Valentine’s?”

  1. Kirk – I thought you were pro whole egg – did you learn something new or did I just invent the whole egg thing in the first place?

    • I do love me some whole eggs. They are super delicious! My big thing about “whites” was it felt so wastful. But you can buy cartons of “Pure Whites” Which I can eat close to double the amount for the same calories.

      I use 1 cup of egg whites for 120 calories. 2 whole eggs have 160 and aren’t even close to as much volume. A majority of the protein and nutrients are in the white anyway.

      So the answer to your question is: Yes. I am pro whole egg, but I learned I could get more protein and less fat by getting “Pure Whites” (not egg beaters)

  2. So, I bought this really fiberous breakfast cereal for Charlie because it looked good on the box and I thought it would be healthy for him. Well, he won’t touch it and so being the non-waster that I am I decided, “It can’t be that bad, I’ll ust eat it.” Well, it’s so bland that I can only tolerate it by smothering it with strawberries and bananas.
    But I will say this, I’ve been pretty regular lately.

  3. That is good info about the egg white whites… I think you had told me that before… I had just forgot… AND i do need the volume/protien without the cal

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