Need Help Plotting My Revenge

Finally, after twelve days of what seemed like pointless torture, the scale moved. I was getting discouraged. I have not cheated (and boy did I want to), I have been exercising everyday (killing myself is more like it) and I was seeing little to no results. At last, on Saturday I weighed in two pounds lighter.

I have decided, if at the end of this 90 day torture I have not hit my goal, I am going to put Kirk through some kind of torture.  I could wake him up with cold water every morning for 90 days, I could drive him out in the middle of no where and make him run the whole way home, or I could tie him up and force him to watch all six seasons of “Sex and the City”. I need suggestion. What should I do to my husband if this doesn’t work?


Beginning Stat s                      Today’s Stats

5’6 Height                               5’6 Height

137 lb Weight                          135 lb Weight

38.5 Shoulders                        37.5 Shoulders

35.5 Bust                                 34.5 Bust

30.5 Waist                               28.5 Waist

38 Hips                                   36.5 Hips


4 Responses to “Need Help Plotting My Revenge”

  1. Way to go Natalie!! I love fitness and being healthy. Keep up the great work! I am looking forward to seeing your progress.

  2. – you could go on a $90 shopping spree every 9 days
    – I like the idea of driving Kirk to the middle of now where and making him run back. Just make sure it will be 90 mile run to your house.
    – Or make Kirk the same thing for dinner…90 times (make sure it is very low carb)

  3. Tie him to a chair, prop his eyelids open with toothpicks, and make him watch that remake of Phantom of the Opera they did, what, ten years ago? XP

  4. Feed him nothing but Ramen for 90 days.

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