Day 14 – You MADE it 2 weeks

Its been 2 whole weeks.  Is it getting easier?  A little habitual even?  I know that I am both now VERY in the habit of keeping to the schedule (or I just feel weird), BUT the CRAVINGS have started.  I’m never hungry, but that new Chipotle Bacon Burger from McDonalds might as well be….. well something irresistible, but at the moment I’m drawing a blank on something more desirable than fat, grease and empty carbs.  I’m going through crazy junk withdrawals.  Which if you think about it, is a good thing.

As I slowly introduce Tier 2 principles, you are going to want to start not just focusing on the “when” and “how much” (don’t abandon those) but now the “what” becomes important as well.  We want to start cutting out superfluous carbs and needless processing.  We want to focus on clean food and healthy fats, proteins and carbs.

So, I talked the other day about “lists”  let me give you one.  If you ONLY ate things on this list, you really would be perfectly happy and healthy.

Oatmeal – Super filling, good carbs, essential grain, great brain food.  Steel cut is the best as it has a higher

193lbs (thats my "Gaston" face)

fiber content (I don’t understand why) and better protein.  Sweeten with a touch of honey, vanilla almond milk or some berries.

Berries – Rule of thumb: The darker the better.  Great anti-oxidants, healthy sugars, some contain great probiotics (cranberries) and they are just as healthy frozen so buy a big bag of berry meddely at Costco and have some fun.

Greens  – Alternating between spinach, broccoli, brussle sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower (I’m aware that isn’t green)  have numerous healthy aspects and studies surrounding them.  Everything from plant-based omega-3s to natural sulforphane ( a compound shown to prevent cancer) greens are just awesome.

Lean Proteins – Fish, poultry and eggs are all great sources of protein, an ESSENTIAL for muscle maintenance and growth.  For my vegan readers (of which I know a few), there are obviously nuts, beans and soy (but be sure to switch it up – none of these are “complete” proteins, as meat is, so just eating soy, you are missing nutrients, gotta broaden the protein horizon to get all your essential amino acids)

Beans- Great carbs, protein and good calories.  Not to mention there are like 12 different types of beans so its hard to get bored.

Yogurt – Your body needs the natural enzymes and probiotics in yogurt to aid digestion.  Try to avoid ones with TONS of unnecessary sugar. Stick with lighter and greek yogurts or ones specifically noted as “probiotic”.

Peanut Butter – or just peanuts.  Nuts are fantastic for your heart, good source of protein and moderately filling.  Just avoid super sugary varietys.  Also note, a recent study on major brand peanut butter, discovered organochlorines (pesticides) in a majority of them.  If possible, buy an orgainic or “natural” peanut butter.  Natalie and I like JIF Natural.

Whole Grain Breads – Despite what many believe, your brain runs on glycol (found in carbs).  You NEED carbs to perform your best.  But you want to find great muti/whole grain breads.  But don’t be fooled.  Many “multi grain” breads use predominately white flour and supplement with a few oats to call it “multi-grain”, read labels, if they contain words you can’t define or pronounce, buy different bread.

Tomatoes (and peppers) – Great b-vitamins, c- vitamins, folic acid and much more.  Super versatile and frankly delicious.

Avocados – That’s right, guacamole is a health food.  monounsaturated fats are essential for a healthy system.  Just keep the quantity in check and avocados spice up EVERYTHING. (Olive oil is also a good source of monosaturated fat – use extra virgin olive oil over vegetable and canola options.)

Quinoa – An AWESOME gluten-free, rice alternative.  Its super filling, super versatile and I’d eat it everyday if I could, SUCH A FAN!

I am in no way implying this is a complete list of ALL that is healthy.  Of course there are other foods worth eating out there, but these are tried, true and healthy to the core.


3 Responses to “Day 14 – You MADE it 2 weeks”

  1. nate Westwood Says:

    soo I bought some of the quinoa .. but haven’t cooked it yet

  2. I love quinoa, too. I “discovered” it when we had to eat a gluten-free diet for about half a year because of some health problems our oldest daughter was having. My favorite quinoa recipe of all time is from

    I like to add tomatoes to it, too. It’s good hot or cold, although my very favorite way is rolled up in a whole wheat tortilla (and with a little bit of cheese if you don’t mind the extra fat and calories). Enjoy!

    Another fun thing I’ve started doing is making my own yogurt. It’s SUPER easy, since all you need is a crockpot, milk, and 1/2 cup of plain yogurt for the live cultures (or 1/2 cup yogurt from your previous batch). We add fruit to it (sometimes a little honey to make it sweeter, although my kids actually prefer it without), and my baby especially LOVES it. I think I’m going to try freezing it in ice cube trays for a fun snack. I love how inexpensive it is, and that it doesn’t have any sugar like store-bought yogurts do. The recipe for making your own yogurt is

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