Day 12 – Working out can hurt a little

So 12 days in, we’ve started to feel the change in our eating habits, feeling a little bit more energy and almost everyone of you (that checks in with me) has reported 3-8 lbs of weight-loss in only 12 days.  You have no idea how awesome that is!!!  As I mentioned a few days ago, we need to start picking up our workouts.  We have worked on stability and core, but now we need to up the strength.

Obviously, I see you all as my clients, and if I were working with all 200+ of you individually (despite being VERY tired) I would have individualized plans for each of you.  Being as we are all over the country (and a few overseas) that makes this a touch more difficult.

However, the most important factor is for as all to continue working out, building those 10 lbs of muscle and finding a plan that works for you.  As most of you know (and many have asked) I will be happy to build a “self-workout” for you to use at home.  But there are many other AWESOME activities that nearly everyone has at their various disposal.

Many of my clients are using various videos (from Jane Fonda to P90x) many of you are using internet methodologies and youtube videos and some of you are taking various classes at local gyms.

A word to my higher intensity readers.  I have recently become introduced to Crossfit.  I have known of its existence for a while but just recently was able to try a few sessions out.  Most gyms and trainers (never me) are big on isolation training with circuits or split-routines.  However, Crossfit, is an entirely new methodology using the fundamentals of gymnastics, olympic weightlifting and high intensity running, melded together in a way that will reduce you to tears VERY quickly.

I went to my 2nd workout with Crossfit this morning.  Last monday was my first.  In 7:03 on monday they reduced my legs to jelly and my spirit to goo.  This morning it took 20 minutes, but I doubt I’ll use my arms for a few days (seriously Typing HURTS)  This wouldn’t be all that impressive, except I have trained, everyday, for over two years now, and this levelled me.

I’ve looked around, nearly every city has a few crossfit gyms and nearly all of them the first workout is free, not to mention at the Crossfit website all of their workouts are laid out and often include videos for free.  If you feel like getting a free personal training session that will humble you to the core and show you just how far from “in shape” you are (Adam Brooks, I’m talking to YOU) then please, look up your local Crossfit gym.  I’m HOOKED


6 Responses to “Day 12 – Working out can hurt a little”

  1. I have a friend out here that does Crossfit. The pictures of what they make her do makes me want to cry. And I’m a 2nd degree blackbelt. I’m supposed to be tough. Seriously, I don’t think I’m up for that.

  2. Adam Brooks Says:

    Kirk, I took a look online at a couple of local crossfit gyms and it looks like it’ll run about $120 a month for classes and gym access. Does that sound right? well due to my current budget I think I will finish up my 90days with p90x and then re-evaluate and see if I can pay someone to make me the next Kirk Westwood.

    • Adam, I just said TRY it. Not sign up. The FIRST IS FREE almost EVERYWHERE! Its seriously worth an hour of your life to see it. I haven’t signed up either (same reason). But there are 4 crossfits in town, so I get 4 free sessions.

      • Adam Brooks Says:

        That’s funny. well there are a few here in Austin, so I’ll have to try a couple. You’d be happy to know that Vicky is breaking mental barriers about running. There is a lake at a local park where we run on days when we aren’t strength training. She started out struggling to get through a lap around the lake, now she can do two laps without stopping and she isn’t afraid to do more.

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