The Detox

I have hit what I feel is the worst part of getting fit, “The Detox.” It is essentially when my body starts breaking down toxins, and other basic crap that have been stored in my fat cells.  A lot of medications and birth controls cause weight gain. When that fat eventually gets broken down again those things are released back into the system.


The symptoms that help you know when you have hit this point can be: an increase in body odor, general grouchiness, bouts of depression, Head aches, flu like symptoms and even major withdrawals if you have ever been put on a heavy painkiller. You also lose all drive to exercise.


Yesterday I was experiencing light nausea and this morning I am a bear to live with. Being aware of this helps me have a better grasp on it.  I am doing a lot of inner counting before scolding my kids and I am reminding myself that getting all this junk out of my system is a good thing. I have also told my husband that, if he is sarcastic with me today, it is a toss up as to whether he will get his head bit off or a nice big package of tears.


One of the best things I can do today is keep exercising and get some endorphins pumping through my body. I need to remember to drink a lot more water to. Water will helps flush my system.


This may last a while or it may pass quickly; either way, it is garbage out.




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