I Choose ‘Me’ for a Little While.

You know, being super healthy takes a lot of time. As I have been focusing on looking better, my house has started looking worse. I simply have less time and energy to clean. If that is how the equation works, Marisa Miller’s house must look like a dump(more probably she has a maid). Since I don’t have people knocking down my door to give me lots of money just for being rock hard and gorgeous, I have to pick my priorities for the next 80 days.

Today we didn’t run to the gym due to weather. Less time at the gym means I got to clean my house today. I have to admit.  Having my house a little less than tidy has been hard. But, I figure if a couple things fall through the cracks while I spend 90 days working on feeling better about myself, it is not the end of the world. I am not Super Mom. Not all things in my life can be perfect at once. I am just choosing this one to focus on for a while.


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