Day 10 – Training and over training – Dieting and over dieting

If you are like me (and for your sake, I hope not) you spend a fair amount of your day reading about health and fitness (not to mention the film industry, television ratings and several photography sites).  I parouse nearly a dozen monthly publications and their daily websites and tweets.  I read Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Maximum Fitness and Shape; not to mention follow over 100 pers0nal trainers and health experts blogs and twitter accounts.  I feel I can offer one single piece of undisbuted advice…. There is no undisbuted advice!

Those were the days. (the Spanish Inquisiton)

One will tell you circuit training is the best. For many others intreval training is superior.  “All natural” fitness is quite the craze (I personally fall into this category) but heavy supplementation is popular and a multi-billion dollar industry.  Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten free, Carb free, taste free diets, have thousands of articles (each) all telling you why the others are stupid and wrong.

The thing that few of them will mention is that:  Different body types react to different stimuli differently.  Something as simple as stress and sleep deprevation can completely throw off a weight loss regement, not to mention a nearly infinite number of internal bioinformatics.

Very few things are agreed upon wholly, some of these things are:  You must burn more calories than you consume to lose weight, the very existance of muscle burns fat and getting your heartrate up is undoubtably connected to general health, endurance and weightloss.  Do those three princals sound familiar?

For 10 days now Tier 1 has focused on balance, core strength and stabilization.  Yesterday evening I posted a new video introducing some more vigourous weight and resistance training.  Natalie and I are fortunate enough to live 2.8 miles from that giant and well equipped gym.  However, if all you have is an open floor in your living room, I can work with that.

I have not (and might never) outline a specific workout for EVERYBODY.  You are all far too varied and diverse to ever have such a thing be productive or effective.  But as we move forward (introducing piece by piece of Tier 2) please continue to feel free, sending me pictures (I won’t post without permission), asking question and getting advice.

I will happily build a workout for/with you that suits your needs, means and what you have at hand (I might reccomend a few very inncexpensive purchases)

Lets get training!


4 Responses to “Day 10 – Training and over training – Dieting and over dieting”

  1. I am recovering from an episode of sickness, but read this post and thought: maybe you can help put together a workout or part of one, since I don’t have an iPhone or iPad (for the nifty software that presumably would help me out here). I do situps and pushups and touch my toes and for getting my heart rate up, there’s jumping jacks and walking/running/jogging… or the stairs (I live a few flights up).

    I’ve never really done the gym thing and have been thinking of getting some weights and also thinking about shoes (for the walking-running-jogging-outsideness).

    Or a medicine ball or whatever would be helpful — you’re the trainer! I weigh… (be right back, got to check) 150 lbs.

    Also if you have or can recommend non-phone apps (like for a desktop?) or a port for the Nike workout that would be convenient, but… yeah, like /that’s/ going to happen. /sigh

    Your friend,
    Evil Stepbrother (that guy!)

  2. Evil stepbrother,

    What kind of out door options do you have? Park nearby, gym in your building? Rooftop garden?

    I can offer a lot of suggestions, but let me know what you have at hand.

    A few dumbells are always a good idea, as are kettle bells. Resistance bands, stability ball and running shoes are also very popular/positive.

    There are dozens of workout programs for the desktop. However, many/most of them are female oriented. I can send you some links, but good ol’ youtube searches can proove fairly awesome. is an awesome resource for do-at-home excercises that will absolutely kill any sane human being. But her style is not for everybody.

    keep in touch

    • The park is nearby (less than a mile, with two options of where to enter).

      I’ve never used resistance bands, except to overthrow regional tyrants (rimshot). The earth is my stability ball (I don’t have one yet). I haven’t thought of using them, but who knows?

      • With the park that close I would recommend a run to the park, a curcuit of weight-free excercises (push-up, pull-ups, etc – there are a bunch I can recommend more if you would like)

        Then without resting too much a jog/brisk walk home to a protein shake. If done “correctly” this could take only 30-45 minutes – done 3 times a week.

        Eventually some dumbells and resistance bands, but lets start with using what you have (you probably will want to make sure you have decent shoes)

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