Kids Need Good Food Too

I have no patients to make more meals that I have to. For the most part my kids eat what I eat when I eat. Call me a bad mom, but they didn’t get to complain about what they ate when they were taking up real estate in my body and they sure don’t get to complain about it now.

That means, when I started eating every two hours, so did they.

My kids are 2 and 3. Like any other 2 and 3 year olds, they often throw tantrums and fight. Being Kirks, kids they are little drama queens. But, I have noticed that since they started eating smaller meals more often the number of dramatic episodes a day has decreased.  Apparently this whole diet and healthy thing is good for kids too. Who Knew?


Anyway, the following is one of their favorites that I have also started eating. I use Sandwich thins, a serving of peanut butter, and about a tablespoon craisins instead of Jam. Take top off  Sandwich Thin, spread peanut butter, sprinkle craisins, put top back on Sandwich thin.  I know what you are thinking. “She is quite the Gourmet.”



My PBJs                                                         Normal PBJs

Peanut Butter   190 calories                   Peanut butter 190 calories

Sandwich thins 100 calories                  Normal whole wheat bread 200-300 calories

Tablespoon of craisins 30 calories      Tablespoon of jam 50-80 calories.


Total    Calories 220                                          Total    Calories 450-570



3 Responses to “Kids Need Good Food Too”

  1. I am all for feeding my kids (and myself 🙂 nutritious foods, but budget is also a big factor for us when it comes to our meal planning. Let’s face it, even if you’re making everything from scratch, eating organic and whole foods can be really expensive. What things have other people tried to keep their grocery bills down? Has anyone tried food co-ops? Making extra and freezing meals? I’d love to hear some ideas!

  2. Check out your local Costco. The Costco brand (Kirkland) has an organic line. In that it is a store brand the prices are very good. We get Their BIG bag of frozen Broccoli, a couple of their grains, every kind of fish they sell (which is all wild cut alaskan) their Slim Fast nock off and washing detergent. In the non kirkland brands we get Craisins(dried cranberrys. they are less sugar than raisins), sandwich thins, and quinoa at costco as well.

    Not all their stores have a very good organic selection, but it is worth checking.

    When shopping whole foods the bulk section is always cheaper than the packaged foods and keep an eye on their meats they sometimes have amazing sales. My mother keeps her eye on the bulk granolas. When they go on sale, she will buy a case and per pound it comes out cheaper than regular cereal.

    I grew up with my parents members of a food co-op. It was really good for grains, vitamins, and canned goods. We built quite the food storage that way. But, the co-op my mother belonged to closed and she has never found another that was as good.

    hope that helps

  3. I don’t like crasens. I just figured that out last week. crazy eh?

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