Day 9 – Good MORNING – is your metabolism awake yet?

So good nutrition is paramount.  Really nothing comes before eating well and staying active.  That having been said, however, there are some tricks and tips to keeping your metabolism up and the fat burning.


So many of you have jobs that have you sitting HOURS a day.  You adjust your ergonomic chair, clock in, and “check out” physically for the next 8 hours.  Try standing!  Not all day, but set yourself up a system where you have to stand for various things.

I know a man who set his printer as the one on the other side of the office.  He had to print things nearly consistently.  So instead of just reaching for the paper feed he had to walk 20 yards.  Not much, no, but it adds up.  Another client always stands up on the phone.  As they field several phone calls an hour, they would take all of them on their feet.  Once again it adds up.  Don’t have anything like that available to you?  Make it really simple 0:00 to 0:15 of every hour, STAND UP!  Take a lap of the office, stand at your desk, pace out your thoughts, JUST STAND!


According to the Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology, capsaicin, the compound that makes chili peppers hot can cause a temporary spike in your metabolism up to 23%.  So add a some jalapenos and crushed rep pepper to your meals and rev just a bit more.


Many of you know I’m a tree hugger.  But that IS NOT what this is!  Organochlorines (the garbage in pesticides) get into you fat cells and cause major dips in the metabolic process when burned.  Wash your vegetables THOUROUGHLY before eating, but when possible GO ORGANIC.


Forget the man of STEEL, you want to be good o’ cast IRON.  Iron is used heavily in the oxidative process in your muscles and can help push that metabolism.  Be weary of iron supplements without as they are a very high concentration and can have adverse effects, but cream-of-wheat, shellfish, lean meats and beans are great natural sources of iron.


Keep your drinking water in the fridge, the colder the better.  The bodily process of heating the water for consumption burns calories, not tons, but enough to warrant this EXTREMELY EASY  solution.


Treadmills and ellipticals have tought us that there is a “FAT BURNING ZONE” what they failed to mention is that it is in REM sleep. In  REM SLEEP your digestive/metabolic system are in FULL SWING and the rest of your consciousness isn’t getting in the way.  You literally burn MORE fat in a good nights sleep, then in a reved up caffeine ALL NIGHTER. Especially if you get some exercise THAT day.

Jumping Jack Lalanne’s (RIP)

When you wake up, do 30 seconds of jumping jacks, run in place for 30 seconds, do a few push ups.  I’m not saying do your full work out, but wake up the WHOLE BODY.  This essentially what coffee drinkers are doing anyway, but this is healthier, safer and beneficial even if you drink coffee as well


One Response to “Day 9 – Good MORNING – is your metabolism awake yet?”

  1. Sitting on an exercise ball instead of a chair can help, too. I don’t work outside of my home anymore, but I’ve found it makes a difference if I do that instead of sitting on the couch when I watch TV or go on the computer.

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