To Supplement or Not to Supplement THAT is the question!

–noun 1.something added to complete a thing, supply a deficiency, or reinforce or extend a whole.courtesy of

I have had several questions and comments about supplementaion now.  All in good spirit and curiosity, but enough that I felt a post on the subject was warented.

As I included the definiton of supplement above I would still like to just point out that a supplement is something to supply a deficinecy or complete a whole.  That having been said,  I am absolutely for supplementation.  I have in the course of my workouts and nutritonal journey taken firsh oils to increase my Omega-3s, creatine to improve muscle endurance, various protein powders to help muscle growth and regenesis, niacin to help with a mild B-deficiency and a general multi-vitamin cuz “all the kids were doing it”.  Natalie in turn has taken iron, because she and Salem are a touch anemic, calcium-magnesium-zinc for an early onset arthritus problem, and pre-natal vitamins at a doctors advisment.

My only statement on supplements is:  They are amazing, wonderful things to fill in the various gaps in your nutrition, or supply for a personal medical deficency at a doctors advisement or well researched decision.  Just know that an overdose on Flintstone Vitamins can put you in the hospital (wish I were kidding, but I’m really NOT).  Everyone’s body is different.  We are all little snowflakes and have different chemicals and hormons in different levels, supplementing a deficiency is not only positive but recommended.  But I cannot recommend nor advise (neither should any large immpersonal entity, company or MLM) for any kind of supplement regement as a whole, as there is nearly NO way of doing that, that will work for every person.

So I guess that pretty much sums that point up except to leave with.  Supplements are amazing when used to supplement, but seriously dangerous if used in proxy of good nutrition.
–noun, plural prox·ies.
2.the person so authorized; substitute; agent.
(wordpress is messing up my formating this morning – NOT acceptable)

One Response to “To Supplement or Not to Supplement THAT is the question!”

  1. I’m just not sure how I feel about being a little snow flake. It’s so cold!
    by-the-way, I’m glad you weren’t hurt in the accident.
    Yesterday promised to be our first bum day on the work-out. The night before, the kids were up half the night so we missed our morning workout and the day got pretty busy.
    but then, a wonderful thing happened. we both felt like running at the same time…never happens. and so we went for a run before having a delicous dinner of orzo and summer squash salad.

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