I Think My Husband is Trying to Kill Me

There is an old Hitchcock movie where a woman finds out her husband has been plotting her death and giving her little bits of poison.

Kirk may not be giving me poison, but he is definitely trying to kill me. This morning he started with the pretence of being nice by saying we would drive to the gym because it was way to nasty and cold out to run to the gym. I should have known it was a trap; because that is where the niceness ended.

He worked my poor muscles harder than they have ever been work. When I couldn’t lift the  5,000th rep,  he would laugh and call me names.


Message to Kirk:

Sweetie, I don’t know how I could possibly be anything but a ‘girl’. This whole 90 day thing may make me a sexier person and that is not the woman you fell in love with.

Junior blogger.





One Response to “I Think My Husband is Trying to Kill Me”

  1. Notorious!! One of my all-time favorites I feel bad for you I’d say I am 85%ing it but you are in the front row and teacher has an eye on you lol!!!

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