Day 7 – The mysteries of the Metabolic Paradox

Okay, so I’ll admit it.  I just made up the term “Metabolic Paradox” but I still think its rather fitting of the concept I’m about to explain.  The three parts of the metabolic system

Day 7 pic

fight with each other.  In many ways, in fact, each cancels out the others.  This is why its important to do all 3 at the same time… okay let me explain.


If, like thousands of Americans you choose cardio (endless hours running, an eliptical or many/most aerobics classes) as your primary weight loss strategy, then you are GOING to lose weight.  Much of it will be fat, but, here’s the confusing part, LOTS of it will me muscle.  Ever seen a bulky runner?  NOPE!  Exhaustive cardio leans you out, it slims you down, but it is depending on higher cardio rates to burn calories, stop running, gain weight!

Resistance Training

A single pound of muscle burns 50 calories a day, just existing.  10 lbs of muscle, 500 calories a day, of just free calorie killing.  But if ALL you do reisitance training, you’ll probably gain weight.  Muscle is denser than fat, and larger.  You’ll put on bulk, which will devour much of your fat, but in my experience women neither like looking bulky, nor having an overly bulky guy.


The goto weightloss solution of 90% of Americans.  This one, btw, makes the least amount of sense to me:  If all you do is cut calories, your body will eat muscle BEFORE the fat!!!  So you will lose weight, MOST of it muscle.  So not only are you STARVING yourself, you are cannabilizing the LARGEST eater of calories in your body.

If you look at those independantly, it starts to feel like a dog chasing it’s tail.  But here is the thing.  If you work on all three, simultaneously, everything works together.

If muscles are actively building and being used, you’re body won’t break them down with cardio or diet, you keep your calorie killers.  If you are doing cardio and endurance while doing resistance you won’t add bulk but higher tensile strength denser muscles instead.  Lastly, if you diet while doing the other two, your body will seek out and obliterate FAT (the whole point!)

Okay, this morning was long, but I want to get all the basics out and clear before I raise the bar.  There is a reason for everystep of this.  We don’t want to neglect ANY of the three sides of the triangle.  You might see results, but they won’t be the results you want.

1 Week update

Height:        6’3″                              Still 6’3″ (Dangit)
Weight:        199.5lbs                      196.5
Shoulders:   48                                49
Chest:           40.5                             39
Waist:          34                                 34
Biceps:        14.5/14.5                  14/14.25
(now obviously measurments are open to measuerer error, but I also hit cardio WAY harder than strength this week, so it very possible I ate some muscle – which would really explain the weight and meausments)


2 Responses to “Day 7 – The mysteries of the Metabolic Paradox”

  1. I’ve lost 3 lbs with 54 days till’ Kauai! Only 15 more to be exstatic and 10 more to be happy 🙂 I should get a scale and stop depending on having to go to the drs. Office to get weighed though lol

  2. Nate Westwood Says:

    I lve this info. really breaks it down for me

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