Car accident Blues!

So this was what most would consider to be a “bad” day.  I had a training appointment VERY early in the morning on the other side of town, left there just in time for morning rush hour traffic, and while attempting to get around gridlock, got into an accident.  My car has seen better day, but I am fine (thanks for the concern, whether or not it was there).  But still I had a schedule to keep, and I wasn’t gonna let a little thing like my car falling apart keep me down.  However, my diet has had better days.

6:30 – Morning Shake
8:15 – Car Crash – sitting by side of road – talking to cop – calling insurance –
9:30 – breakfast shake
12:30 – (still shook up) half a protein shake
2:30 –  hummus and crackers
5:30 – eggwhites, turkey and cheese
8:45 – cheese and crackers
so today the accident shook me up a bit, so my schedule and appetite just weren’t working.  But this is what it was.

One Response to “Car accident Blues!”

  1. Glad you are ok

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