“That chocolate time of month”

Once a month or approximately three times during this 90 day thingy, I am going to hit a point where I have some very “hormonally charged” cravings. I might also experience slight cramping and fatigue.  The cramping thing is easily solved with Ibuprofen. I have found the fatigue for me is caused by a loss of iron in my blood. A light supplement everyday for the three days of this episode usually helps with that.


The big problem is the cravings. For me suddenly it is very hard resisting brownies, and cookies, and tuxedo cake and triple chocolate cheese cake with whip cream and a cherry on top…hmmm…*pop*… Anyway, the solution I have found is trail mix.


Archer Farms(Target brand) has a really good selection of yummy trail mixes. My favorite is the “Black and White”. It is nuts and raisins covered in yogurt and milk chocolate. ¼ of a cup of this mix is only 180 calories and is perfect for my between meal snacks.


It is time to post my weekly picture, but because of the, for mentioned, time of month I am feeling crabby and look like crap.  I was very discouraged when I looked at the scale and it hadn’t moved, but felt so much better when I measured and I had lost and inch on both my hips and waist.


Beginning Stats                       Current Stats

137 lbs :weight                        137:lbs :Weight

38.5 :Shoulders                       38.5 :Shoulders

35.5 :Bust                                35.5 :Bust

30.5 :Waist                              29.5 :Waist

38 :Hips                                  37 :Hips



3 Responses to ““That chocolate time of month””

  1. I Just compared last weeks picture and this weeks picture. I am totally bloated this week, which is probably why I haven’t lost any weight.

  2. Hey Natalie – It’s Beth Tait. I just found your blog and this is really cool. I don’t know if it’s approved for your diet, or if you like them, but also Luna Bars totally help my sweet tooth. I love chocolate. The Choc. Raspberry and the Peppermint Choc. Luna Bars are especially chocolately and yummy.

  3. Nate Westwood Says:

    I love the idea of trail mix. I need to pick some at Costco as it is my fav

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