Tomorrow is Sunday (take a nap)

Yesterday I ran/walked nearly 10 miles.  Today I ran/walked close to 8.  My legs are pretty numb, and I am exhausted.  It has taken a few days but I’m starting to feel my stomach pulling in and the calories burning ( a wonderful sensation)

It really is important to stay on your diet consistantly for the whole 90 days.  A steady and consistant cycle is very much part of that reboot, and you body doesn’t need a break from food.

However, strenuous exercise is another matter, your body DOES need a break from that. So tomorrow, don’t run, don’t go to the gym, don’t do a Jane Fonda video in your living room.  Your muscles need time to rest to rebuild.  Take tomorrow off, I will be.

Untill Monday!


Today’s Menu

Breakfast Shake (230 calories)
EggWhite & humus pita sandwhich (300 calories)
Clif Bar (240 calories)
Pacific cod, asparagus and salad greens (245 calories)
fish tacos (left over cod) (300 calories)
Cheese and crackers (300)
Total Calories: 1615

I didn’t want the cheese and crackers, TOTALLY NOT HUNGRY.  But I’d burned a lot of calories today, like A LOT and even as it stands I might be a little low.


One Response to “Tomorrow is Sunday (take a nap)”

  1. I didn’t fall off the wagon yesterday… I lept off with reckless abandon. One of my friends had a baby shower, so we basically spent the entire time sitting around and eating cake. I am ashamed. I’ll make up for it today though by being extra good. I could do with a hard workout even though it’s a rest day.

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